TripAdvisor | Absolutely Entertaining Show on the Strip for a Superb Value

Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“Absolutely Hilarious”

“Jeff’s show was one of the best I’ve seen! As a Las Vegas native, I’ve seen a lot of shows on and around the Strip, and Jeff’s was one of my favorites! From the beginning to the very end he brings a high energy act that kept me laughing the whole time. A very talented entertainer, who not only does some magic, but some juggling and many other things during his show! 

I would go back again and again!”

“Absolutely Entertaining Show on the Strip for a Superb Value”

“Jeff is absolutely hilarious and provides a great show for a really great value, especially considering it’s on the Strip. I think the best part about Jeff’s show is that it is truly an excellent choice for all types of audiences–children, couples, groups of friends, adults, anyone!! I like to compare his comedy to a Disney Pixar film–it’s completely acceptable and entertaining for children, yet there are some jokes and humor that go over their heads and adults are able to enjoy it just as much as the kids! I literally laughed until my stomach hurt, and it was great to be able to get dinner and a show for such a great price…as a local, I can assure you that you really won’t beat that anywhere else on the Strip! I highly recommend Jeff’s show…you won’t be disappointed!!”

“About Time Jeff Got His Own Show!!!”

“I first saw Jeff about a year ago when he was a guest performer in the Nathan Burton show, and he completely stole the show. I get to Vegas a few times a year for work, and when I found out that Jeff finally had his own show I made a point to get to it. And he was awesome! Super high energy, engaging, charismatic, hilarious, and fun to watch – what else can I say? I don’t generally write reviews, but I’m always happy to see somebody who deserves to be moving up the way Jeff is. And you can take your kids to his show! Seriously, see him now before he pushes his way into a bigger venue and it costs you $50. At the rate he’s moving, I’d guess that happens sooner than later.”

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