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Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“LMAO Becomes a True Statement”

“Jeff’s show is absolutely hilarious!! I saw his act in another show first and the whole audience was cracking up. My friend and I (and I’m betting half the audience) went to his show the same evening. If the other 81 reviews haven’t convinced you (how many do you need!!?) GO TO HIS SHOW. Guaranteed entertainment. I was dying laughing.”

“Laughed My Butt Off”

“Jeff was funny from the word go. Truly entertaining and suitable for the whole family. He deserves a bigger stage in Vegas. Best value for a show in the four days I was there with my family. We were 11 people at his show ages from 13 to 72 and we all laughed our butts off. Great Job Jeff……..”

“Don’t think…Just Go To The Show!”

“A one man Juggling show…Really? To my surprise…YES…really. This one man juggling show was awesome! Jeff’s energy and ability to capture the crowd is more than a natural gift. Seeing the show makes me realize that he has put in some time working on his craft of entertaining. Jeff did do some amazing feats of juggling and balancing but those feats failed in comparison to his ability to truly entertain and engage an audience the way he did. You will not be disappointed if you venture out to see this show.”

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