TripAdvisor | “Wow, loved this show!”

Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“Ball of Energy…and a Barrel of Fun!!”

“After seeing Jeff as part of Nathan Burton’s show in Feb. 2011,we had to see his solo show, and man we are glad we did! We actually caught him twice this time, once again with Nathan’s show (Jeff was FABULOUS)and then again that night at his Comedy In Action show!(double FAB). Talk about a ball of energy…. this guy can really rev things up with his “volunteers”! He was juggling and had the guy toss another pin into the fray, then another, then another, etc. I couldn’t tell if the guy was going to stroke out from trying so hard to follow Jeff’s cues! Priceless, and a chest bump to end it! The poor guy actually kind of kept up with him, although rather spastically, and was a good sport. Also, Jeff’s volunteer/victim from Nathan’s earlier show was present with spouse, and received a couple of shout outs from Jeff, and also was a good sport about it. My wife and I laughed for virtually the entire show! His energy seems boundless and because each volunteer is different, each show is different! We would, and WILL, see him again.(hopefully at a venue that allows him to fully exploit his antics) Our trip was March 7th thru the10th, 2012 and we saw 7 shows. This was my personal favorite show (including the 3 expensive “biggie” shows we attended). We also got to meet him after the show, and he is very personable and recognized my Tripadvisor tag. I am delighted to write this review, and we strongly recommend this show to anyone with a funny bone in their body that enjoys to laugh! (and to a few people that probably need to grow one!) Jeff, full speed ahead, keep having fun, and keep the high kicks coming”. See ya again on our next trip to Vegas!!”

“Amazing…Entertaining…High Energy…Fun for the Whole Family”

“Jeff’s show, as part of the dinner package at the Planet Hollywood (restaurant) was probably the best few hours we spent in Vegas. Great value, great entertainment. His show was funny and suitable for all ages, my 8 year old was thoroughly engaged – so much so he wants to return to Vegas just to see Jeff! Either that or catch Jeff on a Disney cruise. We would certainly go out of our way to see him again. See him while you can afford to – he’s on his way up!”

“Wow, loved this show!”

“Jeff is an amazing performer. He has so much charisma, great people skills and has some major talents. I love his show because it is so family friendly and the parents have just as much fun as the kids. I can’t wait to see Jeff again! No matter where he goes I will be there!”

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