TripAdvisor | “The Must-See Show of the Year”

Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“See Him NOW Before He Becomes a Massive Superstar – Most Talented in Vegas!”

“I’ve seen Jeff perform three times. First was at the Flamingo, with Nathan Burton.  Second time was at a corporate event.  His ability to make a crowd laugh until they cry is unlike anything I have ever seen.  Absolutely hilarious, to the point where you almost miss the incredible stuff he is doing as a juggler and stage performer.  EVERY person in he audience loves him, almost immediately.

This year we hired him for OUR meeting.  Best decision we have made in years.  Opened up an important annual meeting with incredibly high energy, helping the group to unite in laughter and giving them stories to tell for the rest of the year.  This guy is going to be HUGE.  I predict that he will be a top 10 act on TripAdvisor within the next month!  If you can go see his dinner show, DO IT NOW.

“A Must See”

“As a Las Vegas native, I’ve seen my share of Strip shows and comedy acts. Jeff’s act is hands down my favorite. Light-hearted and personable, Jeff’s ease at interacting with the audience adds to the authenticity and the spontaneity of his show. He’ll wow you with his juggling and make you laugh out loud with his quick wit and quips. Great value, clean comedy, appropriate for all ages.”

“The Must-See Show of the Year”

“My friend and I saw Jeff as part of Nathan Burton’s show. We laughed so hard, we couldn’t breathe.  We knew we HAD to see his full act, so we booked tickets for his show right before leaving Vegas… one last hurrah.  And it was the BEST thing we did in Vegas!  Great deal – great entertainment – and we laughed the whole time.  Jeff has a gift of connecting with his audience.  I even bought his DVD and showed it to my kids at home – they loved him too!  My 5 year old asked, “Is he real?”  If you want a great night out, go and see Jeff at Caesar’s Palace – Planet Hollywood… :-)”

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