TripAdvisor | “Outstanding Entertainer Wows His Audience”

Taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“Outstanding Entertainer Wows His Audience”

“Our group has had the pleasure of taking in 2 of Jeff’s performances and each one was highly entertaining and mind blowing.  Jeff really involves his audiences and gives them a show that they will remember for a long time!!”


“I did not see Jeff in the Nathan Burton show, but heard so many rave reviews that I had to go. He is indeed completely worthy of the praise he receives. I was initially leery of sitting through 45 minutes of juggling but I am happy to say he is as advertised– a talented comic and juggler blessed with good looks and charm. Highly recommended.”

“Jeff Is Frikking Hilarious”

“Usually the shows are not the best thing about Vegas for me. But even during tons of sports betting craziness, I can honestly say Jeff’s show was the most awesome thing about the trip (I still won money gambling though, and that was pretty sweet).

I saw Jeff perform at Nathan Burton’s act at the Flamingo, and he stole the show. What’s so great? I’m not even gonna say the juggling, balancing, or whatever else the terms are for the stunts he pulled. It’s his energy and the way he engages with the audience. The other acts were pretty good, but Jeff was over the top, engaging with most serious of people in the most silly of ways. No spoiler alerts here, but you gotta check it out.

If you want a fun show on the strip, go check out Jeff. Way more fun than your typical variety show. Good for families, or just a group of guys (I went with about 8 other 20 year old dudes). We were rolling. And he’s crazy talented. And it’s pretty cheap.”  

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