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Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:

“Great Show, Lots of Energy and Laughs, Could Have Been Longer. Loved It!”

“This is an energy filled performance that has lots of laughs. It is different every time depending on the people from the audience that are selected to help with the performance. We would definitely go to see it again.”

“Absolutely Hilarious!”

“Jeff was a guest performer during a different comic magician act and it was clearly obvious within a few minutes that we should have booked tickets for Jeff’s show instead. We only got to see him perform for about 15 minutes but he stole the show. If we did not have to leave the next day, we would have tried to get tickets for Jeff’s show the next evening. Oh well – we will have to catch his full act on another trip.”

“Pure Unadulterated FUN!”

“Don’t go if you just cracked a couple ribs, because you’ll be laughing all night! Civillico’s a pure entertainer: incredible energy, great sense of humor, amazing juggling and other feats, and all in a family-friendly package. Definitely worth seeing, I’ll catch him again the next time I have family visiting Vegas.”

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