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“Super Talented, Lots of Laughs”

I was in Vegas on a girls weekend and one friend had heard good things about this show so we decided to give it a try (I thought “great price, why not”?). I was somewhat skeptical at first (a juggler? how entertaining can that really be?), but I was TOTALLY blown away. Jeff Civillico is much more than a juggler-he’s a crazy talented one-man stand-up comic. The juggling was awesome, but actually secondary to how funny he was especially with his improvisational interaction with the audience. Mark my words-he is going to be HUGE. His raw talent is very obvious-you’ll know what I mean when you see the show. I want to take my kids to the show so when this guy is super famous, we can say we helped discover him :). We saw a much “bigger” show which was triple the cost and not nearly as fun, so if you like “short and sweet” and really want to get your money’s worth, check this show out.


“I laughed from beginning to end. Jeff is very good at improv including audience participation on stage. His juggling skills are great too. This is a excellent show for people of all ages at an affordable price. I would definitely go see it again.”

“Fun Fun Fun”

“Great show!! I loved it and it’s great for people of all ages! Best comedy magic show I’ve seen in Vegas.”

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