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Reviews taken from Jeff Civillico’s Las Vegas Show on TripAdvisor:


“I liked Jeff’s show. he keeps you laughing the whole show!”

“Upcoming Artist…Watch out for this one, He is going far….”

“We brought our grand children, it was thier first ever Vegas live show.. they are still talking about how great he was, and my 8 year old said.. He didn’t juggle the swords. I really wanted to see that.. lol I have never seen my husband laugh as much at any of the shows we have seen in the past. so that was very nice.. I feel he could do a lot better show in a bigger location. standing on the stairs waiting for the show to open was not very fun. would go see him again, in a different location.. thanx for a great show…”

“Soon, People will Travel to Vegas just to see Jeff Civillico”

“Jeff’s show is a masterful blend of comedy, tricks, energy, and crowd interaction. The show is hilarious for all – as a 21 year old I was doubled over laughing but so were 8 year olds and their grandparents. Jeff is a young and rising star in Vegas and you don’t want to miss him.”

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