Las Vegas Show – V The Ultimate Variety Show at Planet Hollywood

Las Vegas show V – The Ultimate Variety show: Watching this Las Vegas show is a bit like having entertainment insurance because no matter where your taste in performance lies, you’re guaranteed to be covered. The magicians are accomplished, the comedians are patently hilarious, the stunts are nerve-wracking and the production value is top-notch as the special effects work to send your value meter into overdrive. Las Vegas Show

“V – The Ultimate Variety Show” eradicates confusion, dismisses uncertainty and sweeps hard choices under the rug by showcasing such a grand and varied collection of talented performers that one cannot help but have made the right choice when selecting the perfect Las Vegas show to attend.

Bring your spouse, your children, your crazy neighbor and perhaps a very small pet as you experience a fun-scented potpourri of joy-inducing performances. What performances, you might be inclined to ask? Master jugglers, high-flying aerial acrobats, crazy gauchos, rhythmic gymnasts, clever magicians and a host of other versatile and diverse talents are fully prepared to create their next family-friendly segment of V.

You host is Wally Eastwood, a world renowned juggler who appears on multiple occasions during the night, and one-ups himself with each successive act. By the time you witness his rendition of “Funkytown,” as played by a series of balls tossed with precise accuracy onto a keyboard, you’ll have experienced a Las Vegas show with more flavor than Baskin-Robbins. Join Eastwood, his balls and an insanely varied group of entertainment professionals, as they tap into an Olympic-sized pool of talent and put on a Las Vegas show that’s greater than the considerable sum of its parts.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!