Better Feeling than a Standing Ovation

Can you guess the only thing better than a standing ovation for my Comedy in Action show at The Linq? It’s playing for an audience of kids at University Medical Center of Southern Nevada (UMC) through my non-profit, Win-Win Entertainment. I ran across this video that UMC posted and had to share it with you all.

It’s really amazing to help bring a smile to these kid’s faces. Some of them are facing some really tough challenges and to give them a moment when they do not have to think about what’s going on is, in a word, huge.

In this video posted by UMC you’ll see some of my good friends and fellow performers who graciously volunteer their time at UMC through Win-Win Entertainment. In this video you’ll see Mac King from Harrah’s, John Castro from The Linq, and last but not least the truly awesome Véronic DiCaire from Bally’s. HUGE thanks to them and all of the other performers with Win-Win Entertainment for helping to make special moments for kids at UMC and across Las Vegas.