University Medical Center Children’s Hospital Visit

Every so often I have an experience that touches at the very heart of why I do what I do.  I am fortunate to have had many of these experiences over the years, and I can recall each of them vividly.  Years ago on Holland America Cruise Line an elderly woman approached me and told me that she was supposed to be on this cruise celebrating her anniversary with her husband, but he had passed away just weeks before.  She said that my show was the first time she had smiled since he passed.  Wow.  And more recently in Vegas at a meet-and-greet after my show at The Linq when a mother approached me with tears in her eyes, pulled me aside and told me that her son was severely autistic, and that pulling him up on stage meant the world to him, and made their vacation.  There are too many stories to list, but I hold each of them dear.

Performing at University Medical Center today was another one of those experiences.  The audience was 5 kids in a children’s hospital, and they were a better audience than 500 in a theater… no offense, Quad!  What was supposed to be a quick visit ended up being a 45-minute show and bedside mini-shows afterwards.

University Medical Center Hospital Show
Everybody loves the ping pong opener 🙂

I have a meeting set up next month with UMC’s COO to talk about how Win-Win Entertainment can provide weekly shows at the children’s hospital by Las Vegas entertainers.   I want other entertainers to experience the type of fulfillment I did today.  And of course I want the UMC to get great talent.  I want to create Win-Win Entertainment!  Hmm…  Driving away from the hospital I felt completely re-energized… the kind of recharge you only get when you get back in touch with why you love what you do.

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