“Upward Bound” From University of Nevada, Reno Visits My Show

It’s always fun to host groups at my show at The Linq.  On Saturday, 40 high school students from Upward Bound in Reno were in the house.  Upward Bound is a free college prep program that helps qualifying students graduate from high school, gain entrance to and graduate from college.  Learn more about Upward Bound.


As much fun as the show was, the best part was probably the meet-and-greet afterwards.  I got to hang out with the students for quite a bit, talk to them about their Vegas visit, and answer questions about the show and my college experience.  They also had a “ridiculous selfie” contest with me, which is always fun.  The afternoon was set up by the fabulous Caesars Entertainment PR team.  A good time was had by all!

Dear Jeff,
Thank you all so much for hosting our Upward Bound students at Comedy in Action.  They had a wonderful time and loved the show. They also greatly enjoyed the meet and greet with Jeff.  They found him very inspirational. Many of them said they would like to hang out with him in real life. That is high praise from a teenager!
Your generosity in providing tickets for our students in most appreciated. Our program provides college preparatory services for first-generation, low income students.  Most have never before had the opportunity to attend a live performance.  Thank you for giving them that experience.
We hope to work with your fantastic team again in the future!
Ellen E. Houston, M.A.
Director, Upward Bound Programs
University of Nevada, Reno