Corporate Entertainment Testimonial- US Department of Labor

Corporate entertainment is one of Jeff’s specialties.  He has performed for hundreds of major companies nationwide – banquets, award shows, general sessions – you name it! Corporate Entertainment

Check out this corporate entertainment testimonial from the US Department of Labor.

“To Whomever:

I was delighted with Jeff Civillico’s performance at our annual Christmas party.  Jeff presented a uniquely entertaining routine filled with youthful exuberance that demonstrated a truly extradordinary comedic talent.  Jeff had been introduced to me as a “juggler.”  And truly he is a most talented juggler.  But his juggling is merely a platform for a hilariously interactive show that engages everyone in the audience. Jeff got a much deserved standing ovation from my staff and he was so impressive that we invited him back for a repeat performance the following year.

As a federal executive I needed to tread a careful line to ensure that our entertainment was in no way offensive.  Jeff’s show was both genuinely funny and squeaky clean.  I’m not surprised that he now works for the Disney organization based on his performances.

I am also most proud that Jeff is a native of the Philadelphia area and carries on the tradition of another Philadelphia juggler – in fact a man who was judged literally as the world’s best juggler  of his time – William Dukenfield.  He traveled the world doing the most engaging juggling routines.  But he was better known for his comedy and by his stage name – W. C. Fields.  Jeff Civillico is truly an outstanding heir of his tradition.

If you are looking for a truly delightful entertainer you can do no better than hire Jeff  Civillico!”

Sincerely Yours,


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