| Favorite Celebrity of 2013

vc_2013_awardsWhat an honor to be named “Favorite Celebrity of 2013” by!  Aww thank you!!

Here’s an excerpt:

Yes, this Vegas entertainer is such a Hottie McHotterson that we dubbed him one of the hunkiest headliners in Vegas. But, our mad love for Quad headliner Jeff Civillico is more than (but not by much) skin deep.

How do we love thee, Jeff Civillico? Let us count the ways:

1. Your exuberance for your profession is infectious.
2. Your comedic timing is perfection.
3. You’re great with your hands. And, we can say that from personal experience.
4. Your commitment to making a difference in your community through the creation of Win Win Entertainment, an organization which pairs charitably minded entertainers with charities in need of entertaining, is heart-warming.
5. Your trademark black slacks could not be any tighter. And, for that, we especially thank you.
6. We’re not hating those tight tees, either.

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