Viator by TripAdvisor Recommends…

Viator’s Insiders Guide to Las Vegas is out… bet you can’t guess who’s on their recommended “Shows for the Whole Family” list?  Yes, you’re right… meeeeee 🙂

Vegas calls itself the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, and there’s something for everyone – including kids. The little ones will love magic shows by the (children-appropriate) comedians Mike Hammer, Jeff Civillico… Or take them to the Blue Man Group or Recycled Percussion, to give them imaginative ideas for playing music at home.

Although this does make it sound like I do a magic show. Juggling IS magic! I have made entire apples disappear while juggling. I ate them of course; MAGIC! 🙂

Big thanks to Viator and tripadvisor for thinking of me when putting this list together. You can check out the complete Viator’s Insiders Guide to Las Vegas at their website. Hint, I’m on page 13.