Las Vegas Show – Vinnie Favorito at The Flamingo

Las Vegas show Vinnie Favorito: Vinnie Favorito never learned to bite his tongue.  Instead, he firmly advocates for a universal equality among all men and women.  Put simply, everyone’s a target.  Since childhood, he’s been using his clever speech to dismantle giant egos and bring even the proudest people right back down to Earth.  Now, after almost thirty years in the business, Vinnie prepares his Las Vegas show to be the great equalizer for the human condition.Las Vegas Show

Vinnie’s routine focuses on the stereotypes that seem to differentiate us, but his personal take is that these are the qualities that make us the same.

The amazing part about the Las Vegas show is that it’s completely off-the-cuff. While many comedians blend written material with unique personality quirks, Vinnie provides the rare opportunity to watch an entire set manifest itself solely from the input of a live audience.  

He’ll knock you down to size with snarky insight and merciless heckling, but his star shines just as brightly for the rapid-fire barrage of wit that’s become the trademark of his Las Vegas show.  No one else can do it quite like Vinnie, taking a question as innocuous as “What’s your name?” and turning it into one of the best bits of the evening.  That’s when he’s at his best. While other comedians scribble down ideas and look for inspiration, he creates volumes of material simply by being himself.  Without a doubt, this makes his Las Vegas show a worthy candidate for a great night of comedy.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!