Virtual Comedy Shows: Maximum Engagement

I have to hand it to my team at Show Creators Studios. After 200+ virtual shows, they have it DOWN.

Throughout the show (actually even before the show starts in the waiting room), we are scanning the virtual audience for people I can interact with: people who are laughing, smiling, maybe wearing something special or who have a unique virtual background… people who are looking to get involved, and who are ready to have some FUN!

My studio engineer then communicates with me privately throughout the entire show, speaking to only myself through my in-ear monitors, as he spotlights people who are laughing, unmutes specific individuals I can interact with, and keeps me posted of everything happening during the event so I can comment in real time and address audience members by name. This allows me to focus 100% on being spontaneous, being fully present and “in the moment” like I would for an in-person show.

It’s a total team effort, and it’s why I insist on doing my shows in-studio with technical support to achieve what I believe is the maximum level of engagement possible for a virtual comedy show these days.

For the last 10 years in Las Vegas, my live, in-person shows were known for their spontaneous engagement and audience interaction. So anything less for a virtual show would not be on-brand for me, and would simply not suffice. The process we’ve developed, which has been refined over literally hundreds of virtual shows, creates for a completely unique, one-of-a-kind, virtual engagement experience.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

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