Virtual Emcee for Sun River Health

I was delighted to serve as virtual emcee for the Sun River Health Foundation’s “Honoring the Hands 2021” virtual fundraiser this evening! This is my standard virtual emcee home studio setup here in Las Vegas. Most of my virtual events I host from Show Creators Studios, but there are some virtual events that just make more sense for me to host from my home studio.

This virtual fundraiser was a big success! We reached our goal of raising $60,000 for the Agricultural Workers’ Health Fund.

I was grateful to receive such a nice testimonial from the Executive Director for my virtual emcee services…

“Jeff, Nice job tonight! Appreciate your ability to keep our audience engaged and adjust on the fly. I had guests texting me throughout the event that they really enjoyed listening to you and having you up front for the event. Again, thank you for your expertise and helping us with a successful event!”

Jeramie Barber, Executive Director of HRHCare Foundation & VP of Development

Virtual event emcee Jeff Civillico home studio setup