Virtual Emcee for Waveseer

Hosted a virtual investor meeting for Waveseer the other day at Show Creators Studios in collaboration with Production Management One. My favorite part was the live, socially-distanced Q&A we did with 4 execs in studio and 2 joining remotely from Chicago and Palm Beach. I was in the side studio moderating with the execs in front of our beautiful video wall. This is a great option for Vegas-based companies, or for execs that don’t mind traveling to Vegas to stream their event from here.

There’s something about senior leaders being in the same room for a question and answer segment especially. There’s an energy that naturally comes with that. Executives “piggy back” on each other with answers, the dialogue becomes more authentic, and it’s often a lot more FUN as well with jokes and stories being told. I highly recommend this whenever possible!

Are you looking for a venue for your next virtual event? Learn more about Show Creators Studios in Las Vegas.

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