Virtual Emcee Reel – 200+ Virtual Events

Toward the end of 2019 I spent a lot of time, money, and energy creating what I thought was (and still think is!) a pretty awesome emcee reel (385,000+ views). Then there was a pandemic, and 3 months into 2020 potential clients were saying “cool emcee reel, but can you do virtual? Do you have a VIRTUAL EMCEE reel??” Ugh haha I didn’t, but I do now… just as live/in-person events are coming back 🙂

I kid, but I love this crazy business. I know many of my performing friends can relate. As entertainers, emcees, and speakers our promo is always a work in progress. To stay relevant, we must constantly be recording, editing, and “shipping” our work. So in that spirit, I give you my VIRTUAL emcee reel…

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