Virtual Emcee Testimonial from Breville

I was delighted to receive the following testimonial from the President of Breville North America, Stephen Krauss, in regards to a 90-minute Virtual Holiday Party I hosted and produced in collaboration with Show Creators Studios! Whoo hoo!

“Our people, and our company culture is so important to the success of our company. During these difficult times through the Covid-19 era, we have worked extremely hard to ensure we have initiatives that keep this top of mind. You have enabled us to keep our cultural momentum, through providing us with a most entertaining and amazing evening.
Jeff, you and your team seriously knocked the event clear out of the park. I could not have imagined it going anywhere near as well as it did. You have helped us to provide our staff with an event that rivals our best live Holiday parties. You are all phenomenal. Thank you so very much.”
~ Stephen Krauss, President, Breville North America

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