Why Book a Virtual Emcee?

It’s not May 2020 anymore. What was acceptable THEN is not acceptable NOW! A few years ago, people generally were understanding of “less than perfect” lighting, audio, framing, screen sharing, glitchy virtual backgrounds, you name it… 

TODAY, people expect more from their on-screen experience! Whether it’s the weekly team meeting, or a full out virtual/hybrid conference with sponsors, partners, customers and prospects, the basics are no longer “nice to haves.” They are “must haves.” Being able to see and hear clearly every presenter and their assets is the bare minimum expectation at this point!

Now think of the potential opportunity to WOW your virtual event attendees… by having the same level of engagement, polish, and overall user experience present as your live, in-person events. Having a professional virtual emcee elevates the professionalism and quality of your entire virtual event.

With a professional at the helm, planners, producers and executives can breathe a collective sigh of relief because now the virtual event has a built-in insurance policy. If something goes wrong, a professional emcee can handle it– whether the emcee is on stage or on screen. The same skill sets apply, and the same value for having a professional in that role holds true. An argument could be made that a professional emcee— in a legitimate production studio with a legitimate technical team— is even MORE crucial to have for a virtual event than a live event, because of the additional complications, layers and variables that technology adds.

Why Book JEFF to be your Virtual Event Emcee?

#1 Jeff Civillico has the Experience.

Jeff has hosted 250+ virtual events since March 2020 for companies including Nestle, Success Group International, C2P Enterprises, and The American Heart Association. He’s comfortable on all major streaming platforms including Zoom, Teams, ON24, Skype, WebEx, and Streamyard.
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#2 Jeff Civillico has the Talent and the Energy.

Jeff has 90 minutes of clean comedy material from his award-winning Las Vegas Headline Show that he uses to keep your attendees engaged and entertained. He is quick on his feet, able to segue smoothly between speakers, and extremely high energy.

#3 Jeff Civillico comes with his own Studio and Production Team.

Jeff films and streams all of his virtual events at Show Creators Studios in Las Vegas and can accommodate ALL your virtual production needs: livestream broadcasts / conferences, pre-records, internal events, external events, panels, interviews, game shows, webcasts, interactive comedy shows, team-building workshops, webinars, and more. More information below.

See Jeff’s past client list.

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Host Jeff Civillico in formal outfit talking to camera in the studio
“It’s a tough task to keep a virtual event humming for 6.5 hours, but virtual emcee Jeff Civillico rocked it! His energy, charisma and wittiness added liveliness to the event. He was well prepared and professional. We look forward to having him back again!”
Lauren Carroll
Events & Marketing Specialist, C2P Enterprises
"Jeff hosted our virtual graduation and awards, and he was AWESOME! He took all the worry out of this event for me and made everything run smoothly. His improv with our folks was so funny! He was so entertaining! Having Jeff and his Team take care of the technical side was so relieving."
Karen Berman
Chair & Artistic Director, Department of Theater and Dance, Georgia College
“Jeff did an amazing job as our Virtual Emcee! I was thrilled with our event! It was wonderful working with him. The tech side was so professional and smooth as well!”
American Heart Association Learn and Live logo
Lauren Hall
Sr. Development Director, Corporate Impact, American Heart Association

Top Virtual Event Emcee

Jeff Civillico


First-time clients expect Virtual Event Emcee Jeff Civillico to bring the WOW factor of a Las Vegas headliner to your event. But what they’re surprised to find is that Jeff becomes a true partner with you through your process, working with you before, during, and after to ensure a seamless, professional event experience. Jeff consults with you on your event scripting and your run of show. He brings his own production studio and crew to ensure the highest quality sound, lighting, and staging. He creates a promotional video to get your attendees excited about your event. Having a Virtual Emcee as committed as Jeff is to the success of your entire event is priceless.

Virtual Event Production Companies

Show Creators Studios in Las Vegas

Jeff Civillico brings an established relationship with a virtual event production company to all of his virtual events. When you hire Jeff as your virtual emcee or entertainer, you are also hiring Show Creators Studios. Show Creators Studios is Las Vegas’ premiere virtual event production company and live-streaming venue.

Most emcees, speakers and performers either (1) run their events themselves from a home studio, or (2) require YOU as the client to source a studio. Neither of these options are ideal.

  • Option #1: Limitations. Show Creators Studios offers 5,000+ square feet of production space with multiples physical sets including award show stages, podcast studios and green screens.
  • Option #2: More work for YOU. Finding a virtual event production company means more costs, more communication and more logistics.

There’s a better way! With Jeff Civillico as your virtual emcee or virtual entertainer, everything is included in your investment. One contract, one contact. Jeff has worked with this virtual event production company to host and perform over 200+ virtual events since March 2020. Experience the difference with Jeff Civillico and Show Creators Studios!

A fully edited, color graded and audio mixed program video can be made available to you within hours of your event. For more information, please contact Jeff Civillico’s office.

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