Virtual Event Consultant for Pre-Recorded Mixology Segment 

When I’m your virtual event emcee, I’m also your virtual event consultant… and sometimes even your event producer! My ability to host virtual meetings and conferences at Show Creators Studios allows me to bring SO much to an event to surprise and delight my clients. Case in point? This recent mixology segment I filmed at Show Creators Studios for a virtual event I’m hosting there next week!

For this snippet of prerecorded virtual entertainment, I tagged in my friend and Las Vegas’ own Flair Bartending World Champion Dario Doimo for a one-of-a-kind mixology segment. Keep scrolling for a fun behind-the-scenes clip as well as a breakdown of why pre-recorded virtual entertainment is a fantastic option for a virtual event. Bottoms up!

A Virtual Event Emcee with Something New Up His Sleeve

Today’s mixology segment is for an upcoming virtual event I have with Conviva Care Centers, a wonderful management services organization representing nearly 300 physician practices, 800 clinicians, and 300,000 patients across Florida and Texas. I’ve served as the virtual event emcee for Conviva twice in the past and am stoked to do so again next week!

However, me and my Conviva contact, Erin Janovsky, hit a bit of a snag before diving into our upcoming show. I had already performed my juggling team-building routine at the first Conviva event and crushed some football trivia the second time around. Erin asked if there was a way I could bring something new to this third event—and you better believe I could!

With more than a decade of experience on the Las Vegas strip, I’ve mastered the power of the pivot and always have something new up my sleeve. Not to mention, I’ve built some incredible relationships with fellow talent in the area. Need me to customize a Halloween theme? No problem! Source acts for a full variety show? No problem! Add a mixology segment? Definitely no problem!

A Flair Bartending World Champion on Speed Dial 

A third successful stint as virtual event emcee deserves a Happy Hour, don’t you think? Me too! So, I hit up my buddy, Dario Doimo, to help me plan a prerecorded mixology segment for my friends at Conviva. Dario has been living in Vegas for the past 14 years, and folks, he really has the pizazz to show for it. Take a look at a fraction of his accomplishments!

  • More than 1,000 international performances
  • Over 30 first-place finishes worldwide
  • Official World Champion Flair Bartender 

In other words, Dario is the flair bartender of ALL flair bartenders—and he just so happened to be on speed dial! In the behind-the-scenes clip below, you can see Dario showing off the custom “Conviva Spritz” we put together for the upcoming virtual event. An autumnal take on a classic Aperol Spritz, the only thing better than this drink was how cool Dario looked prepping it. 

Why Pre-Recorded Segments Make Virtual Events a Breeze

So, why have Dario pre-record the making of the Conviva Spritz if I’m going to be the virtual event emcee later this week? Several reasons! For one, pre-recording elements of a virtual event drastically simplifies the run of show, or the schedule of the event. Rather than cutting to Dario live, we were able to get tons of awesome shots from all angles, then play the video back as if it’s live.

The beauty of pre-recorded content is that no one knows it’s pre-recorded (unless they’re reading this blog!). As you can see in the above behind-the-scenes clip, we transition to Dario saying, “Thank you very much, Jeff! Hello everyone!” When live, we’ll simply cut out from my piece as the virtual event emcee and roll this canned footage to make it seem like it’s occurring at that very moment.

Pre-recorded virtual segments are also great because they’re cost-effective. By shooting entertainment pieces in advance, we can cut back on practice time in the studio and limit the percentage of the event budget allocated toward entertainment. Even better, a pre-recorded piece can be totally custom, with your company’s logo, branding, or even a custom cocktail present!

Let Me Be Your Virtual Event Consultant and Emcee

Whether you’re in the market for a virtual event emcee or a virtual event consultant, rest assured, I can do both. While I can’t toss an entire liquor bottle over my head while crafting the perfect cocktail, I can keep machetes, bowling pins, and chainsaws airborne, all while riding a unicycle… or balancing a ladder on my chin… or facilitating your virtual event!

Over the past year, I’ve served as a virtual emcee for more than 200 events. I would love to add your company to the list. Shoot me a booking inquiry today to learn more about how we can collaborate on your next virtual meeting, chat recorded content ideas, or lock in a date for an upcoming event.