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Show Creators Studios in Las Vegas

Jeff Civillico brings an established relationship with a virtual event production company to all of his virtual events. When you hire Jeff as your virtual emcee or entertainer, you are also hiring Show Creators Studios. Show Creators Studios is Las Vegas’ premiere virtual event production company and live-streaming venue.

Most emcees, speakers and performers either (1) run their events themselves from a home studio, or (2) require YOU as the client to source a studio. Neither of these options are ideal.

  • Option #1: Limitations. Show Creators Studios offers 5,000+ square feet of production space with multiples physical sets including award show stages, podcast studios and green screens.
  • Option #2: More work for YOU. Finding a virtual event production company means more costs, more communication and more logistics.

There’s a better way! With Jeff Civillico as your virtual emcee or virtual entertainer, everything is included in your investment. One contract, one contact. Jeff has worked with this virtual event production company to host and perform over 200+ virtual events since March 2020. Experience the difference with Jeff Civillico and Show Creators Studios!

A fully edited, color graded and audio mixed program video can be made available to you within hours of your event. For more information, please contact Jeff Civillico’s office.

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