Virtual Emcee Home Studio Setup

I’m loving my little home virtual emcee studio setup I have now. When I’m serving as a virtual emcee for companies and associations, I go to Show Creators Studios here in Las Vegas where the production and technical options are endless. But this setup is absolutely perfect for the virtual shows I do for children’s hospitals through my nonprofit Win-Win Entertainment. It’s quick and easy (and free!), so I can do many more hospital shows this way and that makes me happy :)))

It takes a village! Thanks to Chris M. Johnston, Matthew Sedivy, Beth Dandy, Tim Gabrielson, Scott Bloom, John Rotellini for helping me get all of this figured out and set up: ecamm, green screen, fancy camera, lights, lavaliere mic, soundproofing foam, and a 100′ ethernet cord… HA!

Here are some fun pics from yesterday’s Win-Win Entertainment visit with Mamie Shepherd and Cayce Long at MONROE CARELL JR VANDERBILT CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL in Nashville. I taught Cayce how to balance an umbrella on his chin… it actually went better than I expected 🙂

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