Virtual Team Building Events and Workshops

Jeff Civillico: Emcee and Entertainer”

If your employees or association members are working from home right now, consider having Jeff host a virtual team-building juggling workshop for them! That’s right, Jeff Civillico can teach everyone in your organization how to JUGGLE… well, at least he can try 🙂 All that’s required is 3 pairs of socks, a bit of space, and a good attitude! This is a great way to bring everyone together and boost morale while working from home.  And best of all, this team-building workshop can be opened up to families as well.  Bond with your team, bond with your family, learn how to juggle and have some FUN!  For more information, please contact Jeff Civillico’s office.

The gift of a great emcee/entertainer is the ability to bring people together. And today it matters more than ever. Our teams are managing so much change and pressure. Coming together and laughing creates powerful emotional connections that open attendees up to conference messaging and creates a strong bond in your organization.

What they had to say...

“Jeff Civillico’s team building workshop was probably one of the best investments our organization has made for itself in a long time. Jeff’s energy really brought out the best in my management team!”
Lawrence Barnard
Nevada Market President, Dignity Health
“I had the good fortune of planning our corporate team building event with Jeff, and he was so gracious and accommodating in how he interacted with our team. He taught us how to juggle! I’m no expert, but I’m 1 ball up from what I was before 🙂 We LOVED Jeff! Highly recommended!”
Jenifer A. Isa
Leisure Sales Manager, Caesars Entertainment
“If someone were to say to me ‘hey you’re gonna have a juggler entertain and do a workshop’ I would have said ‘no way, no how’ because my perception is that it’s not going to be something that inspires, or ignites fire or excitement. Totally wrong. It was incredible!”
Jeff Rust
Corporate Alliance, Co-Founder & CEO