Andrew Needs Your Jokes!

Dear Everyone… WE need your help. And by “we” I mean Andrew and I.

You see, Andrew is performing in his school talent show this March and he has titled his show, “Magic Action Comedian”. Which I think has a great ring to it, don’t you? 🙂

Andrew reached out to me after seeing my show, in hopes that I can provide him with a few jokes for his set. Here’s what Andrew wrote:

I have a HUGE favor to ask you. My dream of becoming an inventor comedian is starting to come true!  I will be performing in my school talent show in March and I am calling my act “Magic Action Comedian” — thank you for the idea of Magic and Action.

Now is what I need help with…I need some great jokes that I can tell! Do you have any you could share with me?  I am not sure all of my act yet, but I know my intro music will be Thunderstruck by AC/DC and then I will tell a joke or two, then I will have a couple magic tricks, and then I want to finish it up with some action.  Maybe the spinning plates if I can learn them.  Also, where I should go to get a set of spinning plates like the ones I used on stage?

Andrew – I feel a special connection to you already! Perhaps because, from what I can see in this picture, you are the youngest of 3 boys. Sounds familiar! I am the youngest of 3 too… Gene, John, and Jeff 🙂 So first off, GREAT choice of music. It’s all about the play-on baby! You’re halfway there. And tell you what… I’m going to get you started and send you some beginner spinning plates on the house. Please email us your mailing address at and we’ll get you some spinning plates asap (plastic – you’re welcome, Andrew’s mom!).

Andrew on stage with me at The LINQ

Regarding your jokes, I thought why not ask all of you, my dear fans and soon to be fans of Andrew, to contribute your best jokes he can use for his school talent show? Maybe even a couple of my fellow professional performer friends will chime in to help out. Andrew and I are counting on you!!