Whats-On Article: “Crowdsourcing in Action”

by Natalie Symes, Whats-on.comJeff Civillico

With a 2 p.m. enthusiastic, comedy-meets-variety show on the Strip inside The Linq, you’d think champion juggler Jeff Civillico has it all.  And you’d be right.  Well, almost.  See, what most people don’t realize about most Las Vegas productions like Civillico’s Comedy in Action is that they’re separate from the casinos they operate in.  Each show is responsible for renting showroom space, creating buzz and taking care of every odd and end necessary in bringing a polished show to a Sin City audience.  And while Civillico’s bombastic energy, comedy routine and impressive juggling acts have filled the The Linq’s 45′ x 22′ showroom stage pretty well thus far, Civillico has big dreams. 

The comedian hopes to create a 20′ high by 40′ wide branded, inflatable arch (designed by “American Idol” and “The Biggest Loser” set designer Andy Walmsley) as the main set piece for his show.  The arch, which will be contained in an unassuming flight case onstage prior to the show’s start, is designed to burst from the case and inflate to its full size in a breakneck 20 seconds as Comedy in Action’s larger than life opening act.

Here’s where you come in. For the first time on the Las Vegas Strip, Civillico is attempting an ingenious feat of technology and crowdsourcing, asking his fans to help him see his best laid plans translate into a jawdropping, new set. From construction to testing, the arch will run around $10,900 to build and Civillico is asking his fans to help fund it. For a $10 donation, supporters will receive a free ticket to the comedian’s high-kicking show as a “thank you” and an opportunity to see the set that fans built. To watch Civillico’s video pitch for what he’s billing as “The People’s Arch” and donate to the cause, check out www.jeffcivillico.com/thepeoplesarch.

Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action | Wed.-Thur. & Sat.-Mon. (dark Tue. & Fri.), 2 p.m. | $33, $44 | Q Theater, The Linq | 702-777-7776″

Read the full article online here. Posted 8/31/2012.