Win-Win Entertainment has 3 More Hospitals

It warms my heart to see Win-Win Entertainment growing at such a fast pace these days! We’ve recently welcomed 3 new hospitals to the Win-Win Family, with several others in the pipeline 🙂

We are thrilled that Children’s Healthcare of AtlantaCincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio are now joining us for our weekly Win-Win Live virtual shows! These shows are pushed out through our Zoom account to all of our 20+ hospital partners, who in turn broadcast them throughout their internal hospital networks.

Thank you to the incredibly talented performers we’ve had on Win-Win Live so far since we kicked off last month. We could not to do this with you and your big hearts! Taylor Mason, John Rotellini, Tim Gabrielson, Judson Laipply, Christina Bianco, Jen Kramer, Nick Paul, Vinny Grosso, Aaron O’Brien, Joe Fingerhut, Matias Letelier, Rob Ferre, Luke Harrison 🙂