Win-Win Entertainment is EXPLODING!

Time for an update on my nonprofit, Win-Win Entertainment!  We are on pace to do 220+ events in 2015 – for hospitals, senior care facilities, special needs facilities, The USO, etc.  220+!!!!  That’s insane.  We did 10 events in 2012.  The growth of this organization has been simply incredible, and is a testament to our Executive Board and the hardest working Executive Director on the planet, Vivian Wright.  

Our hospital shows / visits continue, with expansion beyond UMC to Sunrise Children’s Hospital and St. Rose Hospitals.  

We’ve also recently begun working with “Serving Hope” on Monday evenings, feeding the homeless.  Serving Hope is a completely grassroots program that has grown from one man, Siloh Moses, feeding 30 people with a pot of spaghetti to dozens of volunteers feeding 100s of people through multiple programs each week.  Wanna get involved? Just buy some groceries and bring them to 701 McWilliams Avenue, near Martin Luther King Blvd and Bonanza Ave, and help distribute food in line – every Monday night, 6:30-9pm.

Win-Win had its first ever “Big Raffle Bash” in July – a week-long fundraiser raffle for Caesars Entertainment employees that culminated in a large drawing at their employee rally where we gave away fantastic prizes including a staycation at SLS, a VIP San Diego / Padres experience, and a dinner date at Alize at The Palms with yours truly haha.  Thank you to Dawn Malone and the many Caesars Entertainment Hero volunteers for all of their hard work with this event!