Win-Win Entertainment Mini Retreat

I am so grateful for the Win-Win Entertainment Board, and proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish especially in the last 15 months ❤️

Over the weekend the Win-Win Entertainment Board of Directors met for a mid-year “mini retreat” to reflect back on the last year, and strategically plan for the next 6 months, the next year, and beyond. Lots to celebrate and get excited about: 350+ virtual visits arranged at children’s hospitals across the country since March 2020, 120,000+ lives impacted since our founding, a 10-year anniversary celebration in the works for 2022… not to mention it was the first in-person board meeting in 15 months! There was so much energy, enthusiasm, passion, camaraderie, smiling, laughing, discussion, brainstorming… the future of Win-Win Entertainment is bright! ☀️😎

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Jeff Civillico with Win-Win Entertainment at board retreat - July 2021