Win-Win Entertainment pairs Turf with TIP

Win-Win Entertainment pairs Turf and Trauma Intervention Program for fundraising event. Entertainment, my non-profit organization that pairs entertainers with charities, matched our very own opener Turf with the Trauma Intervention Programs! Turf was a quarter-finalist in this past America’s got talent, and brought his dancing from the San Francisco streets to the Las Vegas strip. He has been opening for me and is a great addition to the team. Turf has performed at a few Win-Win events so we hope to see him back in the future! The event, organized by Jill Bernacki, was filled and was a great success. Jill heard about Win-Win Entertainment from a board member of another non-profit and got in contact shortly after.  Jill described her experience with Win-Win: “It was a great experience from the beginning too end. There was no way we could have done it without Win-Win!” She liked the idea of using Turf to represent the flexibility required by all TIP volunteers during the their work.

Win-Win Entertainment provides entertainment for another successful fundraiser, and that’s just the TIP of the iceberg!