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“Your Turn Challenge” Day 2 | Just Talk

What’s up with the new trend I’ve seen recently of professional speakers, trainers, and even entertainers quoting themselves on social media? Often superimposed over rocky mountain landscapes, flowing rivers, injured kittens, etc.

“Practice hard and believe in yourself.” – Jeff Civillico


As an entertainer striving for greater reach I certainly understand the need for, and actively participate in, the idea of creating one’s own buzz.  But c’mon.  Can you picture anyone truly great quoting him or herself?  Just talk!  We will know it’s from you, because you’re not quoting someone else 🙂  That’s how it works.  You are the default speaker.

And if you’re remarkable in the true meaning of the word you’ll get quoted, i.e. your ideas will spread and people will talk about you.  Maybe not until after you’re dead as seems to be the standard, but still… you’ll get quoted!

I would prefer just to focus on trying to do cool stuff.  Seems to make more sense to me.

This post is part of the “Your Turn Challenge,” a 7-day blogging challenge created by Winnie Kao, special projects lead for marketing / business guru Seth Godin.  Learn more about the “Your Turn Challenge.”

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