Las Vegas Show- Zowie Bowie: Name That Tune Live

Las Vegas show Zowie Bowie: Name That Tune Live!: Are you a music trivia buff?  If the tiny, quarter-munching quiz machines at the local bar held even the slightest bit of your interest, then you’re about to be introduced to the most entertaining opportunity you’ve ever had to show off your industry knowledge.  Las Vegas Show

“Zowie Bowie: Name That Tune Live!” combines the talents of Las Vegas show headliner Chris Phillips and his beautiful co-star Marley Taylor with the genius concept of a live-action interactive music trivia game.

Not only does this Las Vegas show give you the opportunity to test your musical knowledge against a room full of your peers, but you’ll do it while watching Chris and Marley perform some of their favorite tunes.  The duo taps into Vegas’ rich history, utilizing a 17-piece orchestra and a selection of classic songs that represent everything the city was and was about to become.

Zowie Bowie’s Las Vegas show covers a wide range of musical genres, including dance, hip-hop, top 40 and the classics, giving everybody a real chance to capture bragging rights as the night’s sharpest music fan.  Your hosts will lead you through three rounds of trivia, including a buzzer round, a head-to-head round and a Semi-Final round where the top five contestants attempt to identify ten different songs played in a thirty-second period before the winner advances to the next round.  Reach the “Beat the Clock” round, and you may end up leaving with a free cruise, a new car or up to $10,000 in cash.  Name That Tune Live is a family-friendly Las Vegas show that combines your love of music, trivia and live entertainment together into a single unbeatable experience.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!